Our small group is an incredibly special and unique group. It is comprised of our neighbors from the Springhouse subdivision. We have 7 families; 5 that attend New Vision and 2 that do not (1 does not go to church, 1 goes on occasion to another church).

We meet weekly for dinner and to study, and every 6th week, we to do a community service activity. For example, last fall we hosted a neighborhood cookout! One of the couples who came asked me, “How do you all know each other so well? There’s something different going on here…” They ultimately join our small group!

Our group is more than just a small group, we are a family, we are neighbors, we are brothers and sisters. Here are a few things some of our group members wanted to share:

“The support of our neighbors while living in Christ together adds not only a closeness among friends but a healthy dose of accountability. Sharing life with everyone in this small group has benefits that can’t be measured.”- Daniel Nicholson

“Living in community and sharing life through Christ is special! We have a small church in our neighborhood who love each other and the Lord. We only have to text a few words for Prayer and help. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for one another in time of need. We are tethered in Christ and are blessed to be neighbors! Our mission is to keep shining the light in our community and through lives.”- Kristen Price

Honestly, I (Jaclyn) didn’t even want to be in a small group, let alone start one. Daniel and I have been in quite a few over the years and just never enjoyed them or felt fulfilled/connected. They always felt like an obligation. When we moved to the neighborhood, God pulled on my heart. It was so obvious we needed to not only be in a small group, but host one in our home. To bring church into our neighborhood and home.

Hands down I am so grateful we listened to this calling. We started our group in August 2015. By week two we all connected. It felt like we had been together for years. We often hang out outside of our weekly time together. The guys go shooting, the women connect/walk, and we do things as couples.

Our group was a huge personal blessing to us in early 2016, when we suffered a miscarriage. Our group had already celebrated our blessing, and as soon as they find out about our loss, they grieved with us, sent flowers, stopped by to give hugs, send encouraging words, etc. And every night for 6-7 nights they each made a homemade meal for our family AND my parents who had to come into town to help. In one of the toughest moments of our lives, they were one of the brightest and warmest lights.

Recently, we found out that one of our new neighbors has a newborn in the hospital with lots of complications. They also have a young school-age child and coordinating his school schedule with trips to Nashville were a challenge. Our group as well as 6-7 other neighbors are on call to help take their Kindergartner to and from school. Another group member skipped their cleaning service for a week and donated it to the family. Little things that help these hurting neighbors know they are loved. Opportunities to serve others arise when we pray and look for them!

Our group is incredibly special, and we are so grateful for our group family that literally surrounds us physically within the neighborhood and spiritually.