When we relocated to Murfreesboro we desired a church home for our family so we visited several churches but quickly realized that we were being drawn to New Vision. We visited Sunday morning worship for several months then decided to attend the Leaders Conference. After a lot prayer we decided to make the commitment to join New Vision and to volunteer to lead a Wednesday night group.

We quickly realized that joining a small group has deepened our love for New Vision and connected us with people going through the same struggles. Without our small group our lives would be incomplete. We’ve had the opportunity to build new relationships and strengthened friendships with individuals we’ve known outside of our group.

Our time together allows us to dive deeper into the sermon and broaden our understanding of scripture. When we hear how scripture impacts individuals in the group it becomes clear how much our group has grown spiritually.

We’ve also seen an undeniable growth in us as individuals and as a couple. The most rewarding part of leading our group is seeing vulnerability from those sharing their lives and bolding praying for the needs of others in the group. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone in the daily struggles that life throws at us because we have a group of people to lean on and share life with.