Why We Serve

God calls us to serve Him by serving one another. We are each uniquely created and shaped by God for that purpose. Part of belonging to a church family is learning to joyfully serve by helping each other grow in faith, supporting each other in our daily lives and meeting each others needs, and guiding people to lives of Gospel transformation. Below are a few ways to get involved serving at New Vision. Just click on an image, send us your contact information and a staff member will contact you!

What if I’m not sure where to serve?

To learn how God hard-wired you to serve and discover more about your spiritual gifts, just follow the two steps below. Once you’ve completed both, someone will call you to discuss various ministry opportunities that align with your spiritual gifts. If you would like to talk with someone or have questions, click here.

Serve With Your Group

We’re all called to serve. What better way than for groups to serve together! These are just a few suggestions and we encourage you to brainstorm other ways your group can serve the church and o

Serving Opportunities

Upcoming Events

There are a variety of events occuring in and around New Vision every week that give you the opportunity to participate in several different ways. Take a look at our event calendar to see where you ca

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